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Signs of A High-Quality Timepiece

Larry Feinblum

Seasoned certified public accountant Larry Feinblum leveraged his business acumen and executive experience to move into a new position at a New York-based niche-subscription service. Between 2013 and 2018, Larry Feinblum managed daily operations for the exclusive luxury timepiece retailer Eleven James.

High-quality watches have a few characteristics that set them apart from less-expensive timepieces. For example, watches crafted from premium materials tend to hold their value over time. The most durable watches are made from stainless steel and other heavy materials, such as ceramic or titanium. These are resistant to sweat and moisture, important for an accessory that is always so close to the skin. A timepiece's quality is generally reflected by the weight and purity of its steel casing.
Secondly, not all watch movements are equally accurate. Lower-quality watches tend to become less accurate over time and require frequent adjustments. Well-made high-end watches contain movement mechanisms that are certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Institute for accuracy, which is retained for long periods of time. Also, finely made mechanicals are less likely to make the ticking sound normally associated with wristwatches.

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