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The Important Role of Youth Sports Coaches

Larry Feinblum

Accomplished business executive Larry Feinblum served as senior vice president of operations at Eleven James, a private membership program for admirers of luxury watches. Dedicated to helping others, Larry Feinblum enjoys supporting kids as a youth athletics coach in his free time.

Although athletics coaches are around kids for just a few hours each day, as role models, the interactions they have with players leaves a lasting impact. Children are always listening to their coach and watching what he or she does because, in most situations, they want to be like their coach. Over time, they take traits from their coach and mimic their behavior, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.
A sports coach also fills in any parenting hole in their life. Since coaches spend so much time around kids, they often take on the role of surrogate parent for athletes who feel neglected by their parents or only have one parent.
Positive reinforcement is extremely important for coaches, since it helps players build good self-esteem. Coaches also are responsible for teaching their players a few basics about leadership and teamwork, keys to success in the future.

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